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          I welcome you as a potential new customer and look forward to the opportunity of working with you. The purpose of this letter is to let you know about our approach to building, what you can expect, and our history.

          In my view, the relationship between homeowner and builder should be a partnership. We work hard to develop and maintain the trust required for the partnership approach to a project. Most of our work is on a “negotiated contract” basis rather than a competitive bid basis. The owner selects us as the most qualified contactor for a particular project. We believe in full and active discussion of all costs and options involved in your project in order to provide you with enough guidance to make informed decisions. We prepare contracts, change orders, budgets, and schedules so that we and our customers are all on the same page. It is through mutual effort and understanding that we arrive at a final design and budget. A particular project may seem routine to us, but to the homeowner it represents a huge investment in planning, money, inconvenience, and trust in their builder. Our history of successful projects, happy customers and accurate budgets is the foundation of the trust.

          We invite you to check the Better Business Bureau, Madison Country Home Builders Association, and any other professional organizations that monitor contactors.

          I have been a custom builder since 1973. The First 22 years were spent specializing in high-end custom homes. During this period I also worked closely with Harvie Jones, the late passionate preservation architect. I first worked with Harvie in 1977, when we built the first five buildings in Constitution Hall Park. I continued to learn from him until his last project in 1998. This project was featured in an eight page article in “This Old House Journal”.  One year later this project was also featured as one of the 10 best remodels in the USA. This marked the beginning of our becoming a design/build firm, as we had to finish designing the interior details, the stairway and fireplace.

          The years since 1994 have been focused on additions and remodels with special emphasis on kitchen and bath design. Some of these additions/remodels are as large and more complex than the custom homes we have built. Occasionally we still build a custom home, but these are usually for previous clients or a very special project.

          We now design almost everything we build. It is particularly satisfying to see our designs take shape into beautiful and functional finished projects. We take a lot of pride in our work. Even after four decades, we are still learning and passionate about this work.

          Our work has been featured in several magazines and two major spreads in the “Huntsville Times”. Recently the October 2005 edition of “This Old House Journal” listed us as one of their recommended remodeling contractors. We were the only one listed in Alabama, Mississippi, or Georgia. You can see copies of these articles in the media section of this website. We did not solicit these articles, they just happened along the way. As craftsmen however, we appreciate the positive showcasing of our hard work. You can expect experienced design staff, dependable craftsmen, and loyalty after the job is completed. We stand behind our work. Thank you for considering Craftsmen for your project. We look forward to working with you.




Charlie Englebert                 

Owner/General Manager

Craftsmen Homebuilders Inc.




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