About Us

Craftsmen Homebuilders Inc. is a small dedicated group of experienced craftsmen  able to handle any remodeling project, no matter how large or complex.           Our designer Pete, was a master carpenter and job supervisor previously, therefore he understands structure and the exact needs of carpenters on the job. Our whole team has been together so many years that we are like a family. I’m proud to say some of our customers feel this way also.

Our Team

Charlie Englebert

Craftsmen's Owner / Generall Manager has been active in residencial construction for 40 years



Pete van Waveren

Designer / Estimator has 26 years in construction and holds a BS in marketing with coursework in architecture and industrial design. Pete has been with Craftsmen 20 years and spends his free time sailing, kayaking, or mountain biking.

Will Larmon

Senior Project Lead has been with Craftsmen 20+ years. Will has a strong background in historic restoration and bowhunts in his spare time.

Tommy Royston

Senior Project Lead has been with Craftsmen 18 + years. Tommy is a master cabinet builder and avid caver.

Randy Johnson

Junior Project Lead has 15+ years with the firm and holds a BA in city planning. Randy sends his weekends prepairing his home for resale.

John Erbach

Construction Helper has 17+ years at Craftsmen. John is a radical skateboard enthusiast.


Craftsmen Homebuilders Inc.

116 Abingdon Ave NW

Huntsville, AL 35801


Phone: (256) 990-3949


Better Business Bureau 20 Year Member

A + Rating

Craftsmen has been an accredited member since 1996.

Home Builders License Board

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