Major Upgrades & Repairs

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Lakepoint 2013

Designer: Pete van Waveren

Project Manager: Will Larmon


Owners were unable to get both their cars in the garage due to an abundance of lawn care equipment including a garden tractor. The solution was to create additional storage by enclosing the open area under the existing deck and sunroom. Aluminum deck boards were refitted to the existing deck framing to keep the area below dry. A ramp and double door wide enough to fit the tractor were necessary.  7 Windows provide natural light for hot house usage. Cable rails wre used to increase visability as well. The project also included upgrading all the windows on the house and a stain grade fiberglass entry system.

Covemont 2012

Project Designer: Pete van Waveren

Project Manager: Tommy Royston


Owners' wanted a large multi season play area for their three young childern. The existing wood colums and handrail were deteriorated and there was no insect protection for the porch. A large exotic hardwood deck was planned for fair weather and the porch was upgraded with composite columns, screen panels, commercial grade screen doors, skylights, and clear stained wood ceiling.

Chandler 2011

Designer: Pete van Waveren

Project Manager: Randy Johnson


The front entryway had no overhead cover so we designed a roof system that would afford cover but not obscure the second level window while blending with the rest of the house. The driveway did not drain properly and had significant spalling and cracks. We improved the drainage plan and insured their vehicles could negotiate the new grades without scraping the undercarriage prior to the pour.

Cove Creek 2005

Designer: Pete van Waveren

Project Manager: Will Larmon


This project involved adding a gable roof to set off the entry. The gable arch was complimented with a radiused brick stair to welcome guests into the house. A new

library and entertainment center were installed to accomodate a larger video screen.

Ward 2007

Designer: Charlie Englebert

Project Manager: Charlie Englebert


This project was converting a house used as a business into a private residence.


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